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Sanwin Machinery are mainly engaged in design and manufacturing of bag making machine.

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Side Seal Bag Making Machine
Sanwin Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Bag making machine in China.
Product Name:
DRQ-F600-1200High Speed Flower Bag Making Machine
Contact Detail:
Mob: 0086-15868035456

Brief Introduction

Used For BOPP,CPP,LDPE,HDPE film etc.
This machine is specially made for such triangle bags,Trapezoidal bags,Special shaped bags like flower bags,tower shaped bags,umbrella bags ,necktie bags,sandwich bags,etc.


1. Touch screen operation, motion controller control control, with the function of photocell tracking, fixed-length automatic counting, automatic stop of material breaking off, alarming when the color-mark is lost, automatic stop until the sealing in the highest position.
2. Adopt imported brand servo motor driving.
3. Driving system adopts 5 sets of imported brand frequency inverter and imported brand three-phase motor.
4. Printed bags tracking use imported brand photocell switch.
5. Unwinding adopts air shaft, magnetic power brake control, with EPC control system.
6. Equipped with punching device, water-cooling device, dotted line spots breaking device, bottom sealing device can meet the various shaped bags production.
7. Adopt imported silica gel plate conveying

Main Technical Parameters



Max unwinding width


Max unwinding diameter



40-100 PCS/min

Max Bag length


Bag width


Power supply


Total power 6.0KW
Overall dimension 8000×1300×1500mm
Weight 2000KG
Drive type Servo motor
Control type PLC control
Main servo driver 10KW×1
Unwind motor 0.75KW×2
Puncher Round hole
Magnetic power brake


Frequency Inverter 1.5KW×5
Traction motor 0.75×1
Silica gel plate 3000×630mm
Drive motor 0.75KW×1